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Garden Coaching

 Cultivating  your capabilities with Garden Coaching

Maybe you are keen to care for your garden yourself but are unsure of your gardening skills and abilities and our Garden Coaching service will offer you individual support and instruction in the  many aspects of gardening

We will spend time gardening alongside you in your own garden .We wont be gardening  for you !

We support you verbally and visually through demonstration ,enabling you to to build on your confidence and skills .We will tailor your coaching needs to the  requirements of your own garden and your own level of skill, knowledge and ability.

Of course we will work through your own concerns and some of the subjects we are often asked to cover in our sessions include

  • •Rose pruning                                      •Lawn maintenance
  • •Composting                                        •Shrub pruning
  • •Bulb planting                                       •Mulching
  • •Propagating plants                            Vegetable plots


Our documentation of the of the skills and techniques we cover in your session will give you a permanent reference that you can refer to when you are gardening without us.

This is a popular service with novice allotment gardeners, first time gardeners or long term gardeners who would like to be more confident.

We offer garden Coaching  as a 1-2-1 service but can also work with  small groups of friends ,family or neighbours.

One off half day or full day sessions are available or book a series of sessions through the year .


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Example of hanging basket maintenance


seasonal hanging baskets and planters.

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