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Perhaps your project doesn't require Design and Construction detail and you are seeking advice or guidance about your project .

•  Perhaps you would like a garden health check ,we can offer advise about a range of garden problems  from advising you about a plant that is looking sickly ,or how best to limit pest and disease damage to your planting to how to deal with moss on your lawn.

•  Existing gardens will often benefit from a maintenance schedule and we will advise on the maintenance of all elements in the garden ,including your planting schemes ,water feature or your garden furniture with either monthly,yearly or seasonal maintenance schedules.

•  Maybe your existing planting is looking tired or is lacking impact or you are continually replacing plants that don't survive,we will compile a planting plan with advise about how to add or remove existing planting to develop a planting scheme for full impact with planting choices that are right for the site .

•  If you are considering implementing changes to the garden layout yourself our Consultancy Service will be able to advise on how best to proceed with a schedule of tasks required to achieve the finished result that you planned.

•  Perhaps the garden layout is fine but the garden would benefit from some styling detailing, such as containers or soft furnishings.We can advise on the details to include or exclude from the garden so that the garden styling  will reflect your own personality.

What ever your needs are we can offer a Consultancy Service best suited to your requirments and this will generally include documented information or guidance for your reference .

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